Mission Statement

The mission of VINES is to serve passionate innovators in the execution of ideas by providing resources, education, and an entrepreneurial community.

The Vanderbilt Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society (VINES) brings together a dynamic, sociable and bright community of students, faculty, and entrepreneurs to instill entrepreneurial confidence in students. Our goal is to open up alternative career paths to those who are interested, to develop the needed business awareness, and to share our ideas and our passions with each other.

We work with University faculty and administration, with area entrepreneurs and innovators, and with regional and national organizations to learn and develop our goals and processes. Collaboration, sharing, and networking are fundamental skills of any entrepreneur; we encourage and work to enable meaningful and objective-driven personal networks.

We provide an avenue for collaboration with local and regional entrepreneurs. Through mixers, speakers, competitions and other avenues, we hope to more tightly integrate Vanderbilt into the Nashville start-up scene. Additionally, we help build up a network of interested students and area organizations, to streamline connections and facilitate introductions.

The Vanderbilt Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society hopes to be an innovative and future-looking organization with a tightly knit community, bound by shared ideas and passion. We believe anyone can be an entrepreneur.

~ The VINES Team