Isolation Innovation Challenge

Spotlighting Innovation in the era of COVID-19 (April 2020)

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$500 Grand Pize Winner: Aeris

Antimicrobial copper phone cases for the post-COVID world. From the Founders: "Aeris designs products that protect people and their devices. We are a team of Vanderbilt students who were confronted firsthand with coronavirus and its impact. Privileged with an abundance of time, we sought to leverage that to make a difference. After discovering the antimicrobial power of copper and its proven success in medical environments, we knew we were onto something. The answer came through the realization that phones are universal high-touch, high-contamination surfaces that are inextricably tied to the spread of the virus. In order to make sure our heroes are protected, we are donating one case for every case sold to frontline healthcare workers who will benefit most from the proximity of copper surfaces." Learn more at

Thanks to all our submissions!